Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface – Our Review

We’ve been looking forward to the release of Windows 8 quite a bit here at Helios Studios and it most certainly has not disappointed

We are constantly looking to introduce new services and products to our customers and Windows 8 will be our first trip into native desktop application development

Our Review
Not everybody is a fan of change but because we focus on innovation and embracing new technologies we are always keen to get to grips with the latest and greatest gadgets. After a short wait our Microsoft Surface arrived this week and we have quite simply fallen in love with it

The interface is extremely well polished, very fast and ultra responsive. It doesn’t feel like a generic computer that anyone can pick up but a device that is built around you, for you, so that you have a truly ‘personal computer’. Our Surface came with the touch cover which is a fantastic addition and makes you feel like you’re using a full blown laptop when connected. The support for desktop apps makes the Surface the first device we see as a true hybrid between tablet and computer

The most enjoyable element we have found in the new Windows is the inter-connected nature of your profile with other Windows devices and the cloud. Skydrive is a real treat and gives you access to your documents from wherever you are. We’re still waiting for support to integrate our Facebook pages account but we can live with that one little juggle

Apps and Live Tiles
The app store or to give it the proper title, Windows Store is extremely easy to navigate and find what you want. The number of apps is constantly growing and the diversity is also expanding. The live tiles feature is the best element of the new interface and the customisation options mean you can tailor them exactly how you want

Overall we are really looking forward to getting our own apps onto the Windows Store and our Microsoft Surface. The new interface does take a little getting used to but once you do, its a real joy to use. We will be getting our Windows Phone 8 soon and will have a review up asap